Sustainable Humane Earth (S.H.E.) Non-profit with Holistic Vision

Tyagaraja and Gunjen Mittal the co-founders and CEO of Sustainable Humane Earth are proud to announce that S.H.E. non-profit platform is up and running, and here is what it’s all about:

Sustainable Humane Earth is a non-profit platform steeped in a truly rich artistic and mindful lifestyle. Dedicated to supporting the fine arts, dance, music, inner healing and transformation, yoga, meditation, healthy eating and activity, permaculture, place making, land rejuvenation, and a diverse cultural experience that garners true sense of community and humanity. Tyagaraja Welch and Gunjen Mittal are the founders of S.H.E. As model citizens it is their goal to give to the local and world wide communities the very trainings and education that have transformed their lives making them pillars of the community. Training ranges from Classical Indian Dance, to music, art and event producing, to permaculture design, community building and resource sharing. The world is riding a wave that’s flying through an Apex and this transformation of ingenuity is on the peek of the tide.
A crowd funding campaign is in the works to support a fully interactive website to enable S.H.E. to take these necessary practices worldwide to offer trainings, workshops, and education/awareness.   Kindly follow the Facebook page for now until the website is fully constructed and launched.
Sustainable Humane Earth

Sustainable Humane Earth


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