Sustainable Humane Earth
Austin, Tx

Bio: Sustainable Humane Earth; a holistic vision of human expression, lifestyle and culture. S.H.E uses the medium of art, and music to inspire a sustainable earth! Tyagaraja is a certified Permaculture and Regenerative Designer by the Regenerative Leadership Institute at a PDC in Eugene Oregon. Permaraja is a play on the words Permaculture and Tyaga's name. This would make Tyagaraja "Permaraja" (The Prince of Permaculture!) Permaculture involves sustainable design within every aspect of life, from Organic Gardens to Social and Community Regeneration. Permaraja is focused in designing while educating. Installations leave a permanent education fixture for communities and generations to learn how to integrate with these indigenous systems. Permaraja specializes in and is not limited to: -Sustainable Design and Eco-Consulting. -Children's Education through Sustainable Design and Permaculture Principals. -Community Building. -Organic/Sustainable Urban Gardens -Water Collection and preservation -Aquaponics -Water Shed Design and Landscaping -Food Forestation -Medicinal Super Plants. -Indigenous Awareness, Outreach and Support. -Supports Arts, Culture and Diversity through events and programs. -Wild Life Preservation and Regeneration. More about Sustainable Humane Earth: Sustainable Humane Earth is a non-profit platform steeped in a truly rich artistic and mindful lifestyle. Dedicated to supporting the fine arts, dance, music, inner healing and transformation, yoga, meditation, healthy eating and activity, permaculture, place making, land rejuvenation, and a diverse cultural experience that garners true sense of community and humanity. Tyagaraja Welch and Gunjen Mittal are the founders of S.H.E. As model citizens it is their goal to give to the local and world wide communities the very trainings and education that have transformed their lives making them pillars of the community. Training ranges from Classical Indian Dance, to music, art and event producing, to permaculture design and social justice field work. The world is riding a wave that's flying through an Apex and this transformation of ingenuity is on the peek of the tide. Services Offered by S.H.E. to the local communities and world wide vision: Goals and Objectives: -To grow and develop sustainable and regenerative living education centers Community outreach programs into inner city urban areas of Austin and Houston. -Host an event called Art.Music.Life which brings like minded communities and organizations together in order to and not limited to: Resource sharing, health and wellness, fine arts, indigenous practices, yoga and meditation, social justice and awareness, women’s health, children’s education, sustainable and regenerative land restoration and farming practices, and much much more. -Connect with “Austin Grows” program from the City of Austin. S.H.E. acts as a sponsor and shepherds the community garden, gathering place and education center. The program issues City Owned land to a non-profit platform in order to create a community garden. S.H.E. takes it a step further to make the garden a community sustainability and regenerative gathering place and education center. -S.H.E. partners with Hutto Elementary School for the first ever Sustainable and Regenerative School Garden and Education center. Focus is heavily on children’s health and wellness, food education and stands as a permanent education center and gathering place for the Hutto local communities at large. -Partner with Permaculture Research Institute of Australia (Geoff Lawton) to establish Austin’s 1st Permaculture Research Institute in order to train and educate local communities in permaculture, sustainable and regenerative living practices. -Partner with individuals or private company with like minded views and values in order to purchase land and donate it to S.H.E. for the use of the non-profit’s operations, land rejuvenation, education demonstrations and workshops, growing of food for the purpose of feeding the local communities. -Community outreach and permaculture tours. S.H.E. aims to find work outside the box and gather in local communities to: host education workshops, pick up and drop off people that are unable to drive or have lack of sufficient funds. Tours of local permaculture and like minded business and education centers. The more we intermingle the more information and resource sharing will develop, not to mention inspiration in the hearts of individuals to take on these healing lifestyles. -Once the plot of land is established S.H.E. aims to host Young Humane Summer Camp. Young humans (children) come to S.H.E. in order to learn organic and sustainable farming practice, humane treatment of people, place and animals, (non-secular yoga and meditation), health and wellness, arts, music and dance. -S.H.E. aims to host traveling and touring speakers and educators of like minded views and visions. The more diverse the perspective the more education and information sharing occurs.

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